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Jolly Ranchers

Jolly Ranchers

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These freeze dried candies melt in your mouth! A sweet, crunchy puffy candy .

  • Bold and Long-lasting Flavor: These freeze dried Jolly Puffers candy is designed to maintain their original bold and delicious taste while it melts in your mouth. great for a quick freeze dry snack.
  • Each pack of freeze dried Jolly Puffers is compact and lightweight, making it easy to take with you on-the-go. Whether you're packing a lunch, going on a trip, this dry freeze candy is perfect.
  • These freeze dried Jolly Ranchers candies are not just a sweet treat, they're also a versatile snack option. You can enjoy these trendy treats alone or as part of a freeze dried candy variety pack.
  • These freeze dried candy jolly ranchers balls are just like a crunchy dry candy version of a cheese puff. Mix them with other dried freeze candy from Bliss Life for a dried frozen yummy treat.
  • These freeze dried jolly ranchers puff balls are a variety pack of different dry freeze candy flavors like green apple, watermelon, grape, cherry and blue raspberry. Freeze dried candy variety bag.
  • FREEZE-DRIED FOR LASTING FRESHNESS - Count on all our candy treats to be freeze-dried to perfection, enhancing their sweetness and ensuring that they will have a longer shelf life than other sugary treats.
  • Freeze-drying is a process in which water is sublimated by the direct transition of water from solid (ice) to vapor, thus omitting the liquid state, and then desorbing water from the “dry” layer
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