"Freeze drying your flowers - Framing your most treasured mementos"

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Preparing Flowers for Freeze Drying

Important - DO NOT FREEZE!

Individual Flowers - Trim 1/2" off stems, place in a vase of water, cover with a plastic bag and store in refrigerator for 2 hours prior to shipping.

Stem Wrapped Bouquet - Place entire bouquet in a plastic bag and keep in refrigerator.

Bring or ship to Shanel's promptly

When Shipping Fresh Flowers

- Follow instructions above. Remove excess water before shipping.
- Wrap pre-cooled flowers in plastic.
- Secure flowers in a strong box with enough packaging to prevent flowers from moving.
- Call Shanel's to arrange details.
- Ship A.S.A.P.


Full payment due upon delivery of flowers to Shanel's.

Lead Time

Four to six weeks.

*All orders are final. Shanel's assumes no liability for items shipped or damaged in shipment. We happily guarantee our best efforts but due to the delicate nature of flowers and the fact that the final product is determined by the condition of the flowers in which we received them we are unable to assume liability for the final product. Keep in mind that by following the suggestions listed above your flowers will obtain the best possible result from the freeze drying process.
For more information or to schedule a consultation please call us at (408) 378-8096

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